Last week I bought for one of my clients a brand new Apple Mac Pro – Xeon E5 3.7 GHz – 12 GB – 256 GB for the tag price of $3000, the reason they decided to spend so much money on a computer was, that the designer is used to work on mac, when the computers arrived it had  no keyboard;mouse and no CD-Rom,  now I had to ask myself the question is it really worth it? after buying keyboard and mouse for the price of $150  due to the fact that it had to be a Bluetooth and upgrading all the adobe applications to the newest due to the fact that they do not work on the new os, the client paid somewhere at the $4000, so it is time to  take a good look at the facts and decide is it really worth it.

Mac Vs PC hardware

The mac hardware is much more expensive than PC hardware almost twice as much if not more, for the same properties as the computer at the beginning of the article you can buy a  Dell Precision T3610 with a keyboard, mouse; CD-Rom and more memory for the price of $1600, some will say that they are paying for the design and the look and some will say that they are paying for the support, I have used every major manufacturer and it is really hard to say which one is better, it is more about how you are talking on the phone, Mac has hardware limitation it is really hard to upgrade the hardware and  not all the hardware that you can buy in Fry’s or any other store, will be compatible with them, so if you are planning to play with the hardware and do some upgrades PC is your answer.


Many more software are compatible with PC than Mac, in the windows app store you can find almost 50000 apps compared to 14000 Mac apps, both platforms have bad and good apps, but I find a better and easier selection in windows than mac, older version of your application will work with windows, I just made a DOS program that worked on windows 95 works on windows 7 and you will not have to upgrade your system or buy a new version of the software, for business it is  much easier to connect a PC to a domain and map drives and work with printers ( my experience) and share information than with Mac.

Far fewer viruses are made for mac than a PC and the maintenance of mac is easier, I think that the reason is that less users use mac and less people do financial transaction with them, if you put your time and money in creating viruses and distributing them you might as well go for the big group and not the minority, I believe that if  mac was the major computer in use they would have had the same issue.

so next time that your are at the store looking for Mac or a PC, what should you get?  I will continue next week it is not all bad with mac there are some good things