Is your computer clean and fast?, most of the programs out there that promises they can clean your computer cost money and many time don’t deliver the results they promises and  they will slow your computer and some time crash your system, so before you decide to download and run one of these programs please make sure you back up your computer and  data. What is computer cleaning?  for most users it is a magic  that the program is doing but we can do it manually and safely without risking any data, the following things happen when you clean your computer, Temporary files, history, cookies, Auto complete form history, index.dat are all cleaned and removed from your computer, in addition you can disable all the start up programs, most of the programs are running in the background without you knowing about them being on your computer, many programs are installed automatically while you are browsing the internet and most of the programs that we download to our computer automatically  add themselves to the start menu and they take memory and CPU time which are the main  reasons to have a slow computer.

Unneeded programs, if you check your add or remove programs ( windows 7 programs and features) in the control panel you will find some programs that you don’t recognize many of the tool bars and browser re-director can be removed from the control panel with a click of the mouse , it will be also a good thing to check how much of disk space is used and if your C: drive is running out of space, when the computer does not have space on the system drive the operating system can’t work in efficient way and eventually crashes, after erasing data from the system drive it is recommended to run a Disk Defragment.

depending on which browser you use on your computer IE, Chrome, Firefox, each one has a different setting to clear cookies and old temp files, the following article will show each browser.

Keep your computer up to date with windows  or mac updates, it is also important to keep the computer clean and neat from the inside, too much dust on the CPU fan and the power supply can choke the air flow and cause over heating of the motherboard.

I do recommend  one tool for cleanup and it is free, it’s called Ccleaner an amazing little tool that does a lot, no need to press on the buy button just download the free version and you will be up and running, have a safe computer cleaning.